Strategic distribution, storage and cross-dock facility with an unrivalled access to a fast-growing gateway in the European market of supermarkets and retail at the port of Antwerp

Best situated site of Antwerp:

  • right next to the Deurganckdok
  • direct rail connection
  • barge options < 1 km


  • distribution costs
  • turnaround times
  • emissions

Product groups

  • meat and poultry
  • fish and crustaceans
  • dairy products
  • frozen vegetables, potato products and fruit

Overview of services

  • frozen product storage at customs warehouse, VAT warehouse or free warehouse
  • container shuttling, stevedoring and port transport
  • cross-dock and handling for import and export
  • cross-dock
  • fiscal representation
  • order picking
  • dispatch
  • value added services
    • quality check and inspection
    • sorting
    • repackaging and labelling
    • tempering and defrosting
    • transport and distribution