Receipt and storage

The experienced permanent warehouse staff provides a faultless and fast processing of your frozen cargo that can be offered both as bulk or on pallets. After a careful entry check that may or may not include taking photographs, your products will be given a suitable location in the deep-freeze units by using the state-of-the-art integrated Antwerp Cold Stores' warehouse management system that the company has developed itself. Quality controls can be performed and samples can be taken and sent to laboratories during the entry check. Your products can be stored under customs supervision, in a VAT warehouse with tax representation or as free products. If required, your products can also be stored under a quarantine regime.

Specialised services

Antwerp Cold Stores offers a broad range of additional specialised services that allow you to repack and/or label a frozen cargo before it is loaded or stored in the deep-freeze warehouse.


Based on your release instructions, all pallets will be given SSCC labels before they are loaded, that guarantee 100% traceability.

Forwarding services

Antwerp Cold Stores offers a package of forwarding services that allow the users of the food cluster to manage distribution within Europe or a cross-dock facility for export. Experienced file managers will take care of the full processing of your import or export shipments. All required customs documents are drawn up under a customs assurance scheme of Antwerp Cold Stores. Containers from and to the container terminals will be transported at competitive rates when transferred to the deep-freeze warehouse. Our own quay dispatchers will proactively assist with regard to phytosanitary and veterinary inspections that take place at the close-by border inspection post. Your frozen cargo can, moreover, be transported directly in a container or after being transferred on to freezer trucks if the distance justifies this.


The custom-developed, integrated warehouse management system fully focuses on handing food where critical information such as shelf life data and traceability are more master data than an option. Receipt and release takes place with the latest scanning technology that allows the registration in the cloud of relevant information in real time. The scanners that are used in the transit zone where receipt and release take place also have a camera functionality that allows us to photograph the goods when scanning.
The system infrastructure is fully based on the principle of guaranteeing full traceability and is integrated in the file management system that is ready to offer a solution to the coming e-commerce needs in the market.

Standards and permits

Quality standards are high on Antwerp Cold Stores' agenda and it works based on the HACCP standard. Moreover, the logistics cluster has the required permits to handle and keep organic products. The full logistics cluster, moreover, is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and the USDA and, therefore, trade from and to the United States can be realised.

Container operations

Antwerp Cold Stores has a car park with twenty reefer plugs that allow cluster users or their appointed hauliers to connect refrigerated containers before they are handled or delivered to container terminals. This can realise significant savings. The cluster also has fully automated weighing bridges that can report electronically to the systems of the shipping agencies and container terminals in accordance with the SOLAS regulations.